Training & Education

Invest in your employees and be rewarded with improved performance, opportunities for growth, and worker loyalty.

Learn from the best.

PS Technical Resources can assess and boost the skill levels of your employees with training programs designed to provide guidance on the best practices for plastics production.

On-site or remote, we offer informative training modules customized to every machine, operation, and skill level to minimize downtime and maximize yield.

PET Quality System Development & Training

We offer a range of training interventions facilitated by industry experts that increase overall employee competency, value to your organization, and success through hands-on coaching and tailored training programs.
Operator Training
Entry-level and Advanced Operator Training
Maintenance Training
Entry-level and Advanced Maintenance Training
PET Fundamentals Training
PET Fundamentals and Characteristics Training
Process Development Training
Process Development Training
Process Management Training
Process Management Training
Quality Assurance Training
Quality Assurance Training

How can we help you?

To learn more about our on-site and remote training and education programs and services, give us a call at (480) 668-3961 or email us using the provided form.