Project Consulting

Our goal is to help you produce the best possible product at the lowest possible cost.
Businesses trust PS Technical Resources as a support resource to help in all phases of plastic product design and development, manufacturing workflows, as well as material and machine selection.
Project Consulting Services
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keyboard_arrow_right Plastics Product Development
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keyboard_arrow_right Polymer Part & Mold Design
Blow Molding Machine

Blow Molding / Injection Machinery and Technology

Our blow molding and Injection experts are up to date on the latest technology advancements. We can identify the best equipment for your specific applications, and design industry-standard workflows to maximize productivity and profitability.
  • New equipment recommendations
  • Identification of any secondary machinery and post-production tooling requirements
  • Evaluation of current machinery and systems to optimize existing workflows
  • Extensive knowledge of control systems and automation technology to implement cost-effective, repeatable setups for maximum production efficiency and consistency
Project Review

Project Review & Viability Analysis

Get an outside, objective assessment of the viability of your project before you invest hard dollars in machines and processes. Make sure your production line is as efficient as possible and will deliver acceptable end results prior to production.
  • Neutral observers objectively identify areas for workflow improvement, and pinpoint any potential issues or gaps in processes to reduce production costs and defects without prejudice towards a particular brand or vendor.
  • Evaluation and matching of product specifications to materials for maximum performance and durability
  • Development of standards to increase production efficiency and quality control
Plastics Products Development Consulting

Plastics Products Development

PS Technical Resources does not manufacture blow molding equipment or materials, but we do have over 20 years of industry expertise in every aspect of PET stretch blow molding technology to make your next project a success.
  • Feasibility studies for the green-lighting of viable products
  • Intimate knowledge of best practices for design and production
  • Practical and creative plastic design consulting, including bottle design expertise, from conception to commercialization
  • Tips and techniques to minimize the cost of production
  • 3D printed prototyping
  • Pilot mold trialing and sampling
  • Production mold FAT
PET Material Selection

PET Material Selection

Trust our blow molding experts to recommend the best materials to match your production capabilities and machinery, as well as the functional requirements of the end use product.
  • Development of PET material selection criteria
  • Raw material supplier vetting and product qualification
  • Product specification analyses to determine moldability, tolerance requirements, impact resistance, and machinability of the selected material
Polymer Mold Trial

Polymer Part and Mold Design & Review Services

Allow our experienced engineers to review your plastic part and mold designs. We may be able to identify areas of improvement to speed production and lower material costs.
  • Assess design manufacturability. Is there a simpler way?
  • Leverage our bottle design expertise to create innovative packaging solutions
  • 3D printed prototyping
  • Pilot mold trialing and sampling
  • Production mold FAT

How can we help you?

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