Manufacturing Support

Let us supplement and advise your manufacturing team.
PS Technical Resources stands ready to support your factory floor and all aspects of manufacturing operations with industry-leading consulting services and knowledgeable technicians available for short- or long-term assignments.
Manufacturing Support Services
keyboard_arrow_right Department Management Workforce Solution
keyboard_arrow_right Experienced Machine Operator Assistance
keyboard_arrow_right Blow Molding Process Optimization
keyboard_arrow_right Systems & Process Development
Department Management Staffing

Department Management Workforce Solution

Need additional help due to an increase in production demands, adding a new production line, or just have a lack of resources? We can provide the expertise you need to supplement your team at crunch time, or even oversee your entire packaging / bottling manufacturing operations to keep it running efficiently.
  • Temporary management personnel provided for on-site contract work, to fill voids created by vacations, emergencies, or attrition.
  • Maintain production goals, increase operational efficiencies, and reduce labor costs with skilled employees who step in without training.
  • First-hand training and knowledge transfer from experienced experts to your staff.
  • Available for short- and long-term assignments:
    • Plant Managers
    • Operations Managers
    • Maintenance Managers
    • Quality Assurance Managers
Equipment Operator Support

Experienced Machine Operator Assistance

Businesses turn to us for skilled help on the factory floor. Do you need temporary support but can’t afford the learning curve? Our service technicians are qualified to operate and maintain all types of packaging equipment, and can run your production lines with complete confidence.
  • Temporary service technicians and operators provided for on-site contract work, machine overhauls, seasonal needs, and to fill voids created by vacations, emergencies, or attrition
  • Maintain production goals, increase operational efficiencies, and reduce labor costs with experienced technicians who step in without training
  • Operators available for short- and long-term assignments
    • Blow molding machinery
    • Injection equipment
    • Filling / capper equipment
    • Upstream and downstream packaging
Blow Molding Optimization

Blow Molding Process Optimization

Process Engineering is a dynamic that brings together the critical blow molding parameters of heat, pressure, and time to yield a product that meets specific application requirements. Our services include on-site process development and optimization for all two-stage product applications.
  • Conduct a process audit to identify opportunities to optimize process settings, resulting in energy savings and lower operating costs
  • Support new product qualifications, work directly with quality department to assure final product is meeting required specifications
  • Create a process analysis to identify critical parameters and create threshold limits
  • Ensure system reliability and superior output quality that is repeatable over time

Systems & Process Development

Automated mass production requires a number of systems, processes, and procedures all operating in harmony to assure high efficiencies, maximum throughput, and consistent quality for repeatable results. Leverage our lean six sigma approach and decades of experience to help create, improve, and implement your systems and processes.
Systems and Process Design
Design and implementation of end-to-end production systems and workflows that fulfill manufacturing objectives.
Process Control & Consistency
Development of industry-standard production procedures to improve process control and output consistency.
Training & Education
On-site or remote training to educate your team on system capabilities, operation, and maintenance procedures.

How can we help you?

Put the expertise and creativity of our manufacturing professionals to use in your factory. Call (480) 668-3961 or email us using the provided form to learn more about our support services.