Maintenance & Repair

On-site or remote services to keep your manufacturing equipment operating properly and efficiently.
PS Technical Resources offers a wide range of advanced technical services to keep your packaging and bottling manufacturing operations running efficiently. Our maintenance technicians, machine operators, and department managers are familiar with the latest packaging technologies and machinery. Whether your factory floor is short of personnel, has experienced an equipment failure, requires routine maintenance, or needs PLC programming beyond your in-house capabilities, allow us to support your needs!
Maintenance Support

Embedded Maintenance Support

Do you need shift maintenance support, but more importantly, technicians who have experience with the equipment in your plant? We offer short-term and long-term industrial support services for equipment maintenance and repair.
  • Off-shift coverage and flexible support
  • From one technician to an entire maintenance crew
  • Subject matter experts in the following areas:
Blow Molding *
Injection Molding
Filler / Cappers
Case Packers
Case Erectors
Conveying Systems
Palletizer / Depalletizers
* Expertise includes Sidels, Krones, Sipa, KHS, Graham Wheels, and Uniloys.
Annual Overhauls

Annual Overhauls / Diagnostic Visits

Does your maintenance strategy require scheduled maintenance interventions? Do you need a baseline assessment to determine the condition of your equipment? Our technicians can visit your plant to conduct an on-site diagnostic assessment and recommend a complete parts list.
  • Use our team to conduct your maintenance overhaul. We work around the clock to get your machine back in production as soon as possible
  • Routine maintenance including periodic alignment checks and adjustments
  • Regular preventive maintenance of packaging equipment as per manufacturer recommendations

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